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GOD Blesses Good Business

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The Santiago Firm offers a wide range of services designed to maximize the career opportunities for our clients.  Whether you’re a Recording Artist, Songwriter, Producer, or Actor, we can help you succeed. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and how The Santiago Firm can work with you.



Grow Your Career

The Santiago Firm prides itself in offering select clients personalized management services. Under the direct supervision of CEO, Melinda Santiago, each client is given the attention their career deserves.


Film & Television Production

Lets Make A Movie

With the explosion of new media opportunities, Melinda Santiago created Santiago Productions, LLC. to add her version of storytelling to the landscape. In her role of Executive Producer, Melinda will partner with other creative people to develop and produce Film and Television content that will entertain and engage audiences worldwide.

Reading Newspaper


Work With Experts

The Santiago Firm offers consulting services to assist clients on an as needed basis. We assist our clients with Project Management, Contract Review, and Career Assessment / Development.

Press Conference

Public Relations

Get The Word Out

The Santiago Firm uses our extensive network to provide effective public relations services. We help our clients get exposure for their projects by developing unique strategies to reach their intended audience.


Music Publishing Administration

Collect What You've Earned

The Santiago Firms provides music publishing administration for songwriters and composers. Let us help you manage your music catalog and maximize its earning potential.

Live Concert

Concert Booking

Get Your Show On The Road

The Santiago Firm has built its reputation for good business and consistency in the concert booking industry. We make sure our clients stay booked. If you have a desire to stay active and connected to your fans through your live show, let us help you reach your audience.


Book Publishing

Tell Your Story

S Firm Publishing is a small boutique book publisher that takes pride in the fact that we not only help our authors realize their dream of becoming published but also help them make a difference in the world through their books and our relationships. S Firm Publishing is no vanity press we only work with the best stories. We publish in all formats, ebook, paperback, and audio. We take submissions quarterly. Contact us for permission to submit your manuscript. 



Be in touch today — In the subject column let us know which of the above services interest you and we will respond to schedule a time to discuss your needs. Thank you for your interest in The Santiago Firm

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